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6 kW to 40 kW

GENERAC Power Systems has designed a collection of the most powerful generators design specifically for residential and small businesses.   Available from 6 kW to 40 kW, and fueled by natural gas, liquid propane or diesel, these state-of-the-art units have a user friendly control panel for on-site emergency use. 

The GENERAC Guardian™ emergency power system is a prepackaged, fully automatic, enclosed, electric generation system designed specifically for residential homes and small to medium business sizes.  Quiet and reliable and bursting with extra features, the GENERAC Guardian comes fully equipped with an automatic engine start/stop, hour meter, automatic exerciser, main circuit breaker, automatic safety shutdown, battery charger and automatic electric load transfer to name a few. 

Within seconds of losing power, have peace of mind that your new generator will not only have your air conditioning restored but instantaneously revive your appliances, security systems and electronics as well.   



8 kW to 400 kW

  • Factory Warranted Custom Packaging

  • Automatic Shutdown Protection Systems

  • Solid-State Sensing and Starting Controls

  • Microprocessor-Based Control Panel (optional)

  • GENERAC Manufactured Alternator

  • RS-232 Communication (optional)

  • Permanent Magnet Excitation (125 kW and Below-optional)

Designed with versatility and value, the GR series is packed with standard features that make GENERAC Power Systems stand out from the rest.  Not only is the GR series easy to

transport but simple to maintain and pleasing to your budget.

  • Rugged Custom Trailer

  • Electronic Governor

  • CSA Compliance

  • Automatic Start (2 Wire)

  • Warning and Automatic Safety Shutdown

  • Integrated Fuel Tank (Trailer Mounted)

  • Battery Charger

  • Jacket Water Heater

  • Sound Deadening Enclosures

  •  Automatic Voltage Regulation

  • Simultaneous High and Low Voltage - Three-Phase (Single-Phase Available)


How do you size a generator? 
To accurately asses how what size generator you are in need of, an electrician can apply an amp meter to the various circuits or appliances that you prefer to have fully operational under in an emergency power situation.  We recommend the amp draw be determined as the appliance 'starts ups.

How long does it take to install a Emergency Home generator? 
7kW, 12kW and 15kW air-cooled units come with a comprehensive installation kit and can take anywhere from 4-5 hours to install on a composite mounting pad.


Liquid-cooled 15kW to 45kW generators generally require 14-16 hours over a 2-day period. The size and weight of Liquid-cooled units require a stronger mounting service.  Typically a concrete slab will need to be poured and time allowed to set properly for installation to continue. 


If additional or extended runs of conduit or gas piping is required or the unit placement is a substantial difference from the incoming gas or electrical service the length of time for installation can vary greatly. 

What if I have 200-amp service in my home, can I chose a generator that has a 100-amp automatic transfer switch?

It is always recommended that emergency circuits be isolated by the emergency load center. An isolated sub-panel will prevent the possibility of the generator becoming overloaded. Thus, the system will respond automatically.

How much fuel does a Residential Emergency Home Standby generator use? 









Chart above is based on consumption rate of 50%.   Consumption rates will vary depending on your usage at any given time. 

Will 200-amp automatic transfer switches be available for the air-cooled models, and the 16 kW and 22 kW liquid-cooled Residential Emergency Home Standby generators?
Yes, they are available. 


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